The Conference.Exchanges Results 2020

The epidemic cannot halt the crypto market development.

The most important cryptocurrency event of this March – The Conference.Exchanges – took place on March 5 in Amsterdam, despite the threat of the coronavirus epidemic.

The conference was under serious threat of being canceled due to the world’s raging Corvid-19 epidemic, but the importance and urgency of the issues discussed at the conference meant that retreat was not an option. Of course, The Conference.Exchanges took unprecedented security measures, and all participants received personal medical masks, sanitizers, and antibacterial wipes – nothing was left to chance. And we are very grateful to all the participants of The Conference.Exchanges for not being afraid of the epidemic and joining the discussion of solving the crypto market’s most important problems. We appreciate our speakers, panelists, and partners: KeepKey, BTCBIT, FTX Exchange – for supporting and being with us.

In total, more than 200 people from 13 countries took part in the conference, and the number of speakers exceeded 17!

Almost traditionally, the conference consisted of three main meetups. However, this time they were supplemented by an exhibition where the most promising projects from various branches of the crypto industry were presented: Satang, BitFlyer, Velvetformula,, Fractal, AlfaPoint, Kick Ecosystem, and many others. An additional discussion panel was also quite a nice addition. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The main goal of The Conference.Exchanges was to bring together all players of the cryptocurrency market: traders, exchanges, regulators, crypto projects, community representatives, and so on. Only together can we understand the “pain” of each side and work out specific solutions to get rid of it.

Today, unfortunately, there is no uniform “rulebook” for the crypto market. Exchanges in different countries follow different laws, traders and other participants do not know the rules and do not understand what is acceptable and what is not. In addition, the rules enforced by regulators are often blurry and vague, and for those trying to comply with all regional requirements, it is often unclear how to play fair. And it is this painful issue that the participants of The Conference.Exchanges in Amsterdam were focused on solving.

Now let’s talk about meet-ups that took place during the conference.

Section #1: Understanding The Crypto Market problems: Liquidity is in Focus.

” Crypto Markets: A State of Play for 2020” – Binance, Josh Goodbody
“New revenue opportunities for crypto exchanges” – Shapeshift, Linda Wang
“Dynamics of high volume digital assets: is Bitcoin as mature as perceived?” – Keyrock, Juan David Mendieta
“Crypto Security: Institutions on the horizon” – Huobi Global, Chern Chung

Moderator: Mik Mironov.
Discussion panel participants: Calvin Cheng, Phil Glover, Nathan Pearson-Smith, Benjamin Zennou.

This panel’s participants discussed the key crypto market problems as a whole: a decrease in trading volumes, a lack of liquidity, a drop in activity on major exchanges, and so on. Participants also touched upon the problems of DEXes and the intricacies of the cryptocurrency derivatives market.

Section #2: Regulation & Legal issues

“Crypto Travel Rule” – Crystal, Kyrylo Chykhradze
“Regulations in Switzerland” – Crypto Broker AG, Magdalena Boškić
“Crypto trading regulation: Exploring the latest global developments and potential future Legal Counsel in Finance” – Law & Technology, Rieke Smakman

Moderator: Rayan Goutay, Managing Partner at & Head of Compliance at Direct Trading Technologies UK
Discussion panel participants: Chern Chung, Magdalena Boškić, Rieke Smakman, Nele Wollert

On this panel, participants discussed the key problems of regulating the crypto market: licensing of security tokens, derivatives and margin trading, KYC/AML procedures, and the general attitude of governments to cryptocurrencies.

Section #3: Security is in focus

“Cybersecurity ranking of top 250 cryptocurrency exchange presentation. Where is safe to trade?” – Hacken, Dmitry Budorin.
“Fraud-fighting and customer support challenges” – EXMO, Maria Stankevich

Moderator: Dmitry Budorin, Co-founder and CEO at Hacken
Discussion panel participants: Guilherme Jovanović, Maria Stankevich, Andy Bryant.

The participants discussed which aspects of cybersecurity exchanges should first pay attention to in the current situation, as well as security issues of popular coins and tokens.

“Kick Ecosystem B2B Solution: How to get 700,000 users for a crypto exchange with 95% viral rate with a referral program from scratch” – Alexander Gnatusin, CEO at Kick Ecosystem

Section: Future of crypto trading


“Trading Made Simple with Changelly” – Changelly, Eric Benz

Discussion panel moderator: Valentino Cremona, CEO at AMDAX

Participants: Michael van de Poppe, Diana Pires, Poramin Insom, Misha Alefirenko, Alexander Gnatusin.

Well, the final pleasant surprise for all participants was a tour to De Basel`s Bank Vault and AfterParty, sponsored by FTX Exchange.

Our team is not going to stop there: the follow-up events will take place this summer and autumn. Once again, we thank all the participants, speakers, sponsors and partners of The Conference.Exchanges for their support and productive collaboration!