The Meetup.exchanges included three panels, each devoted to a specific subset of issues affecting crypto exchanges.

Panel 1:
“Crypto market problems and real opportunities for exchanges”

The panel was moderated by Michael Nye, host of the What Is Crypto podcast, focused on issues directly related to exchanges.

This included a decrease in trading volumes, an abundance of false information, fictitious trading volumes, and a lack of liquidity.


  1. Anton Buenavista, Core Developer at Kyber Network
  2. Marius Jasen, COO & Co-founder of Deribit
  3. Marisa Yoshikawa McKnight, Global Business Development and Sales Manager at Liquid
  4. Anna Chow AVP, BD of APAC, Financial Markets, OKEx
  5. Tone Vays, Trader & Analyst

The main event of the panel was Remme CEO Alex Momot’s talk “Fake volume doesn’t matter anymore and how to make swaps based on market depth.”

Panel 2:
“Regulations and licensing out of one’s jurisdiction: opportunities and limitations”

Panel participants discussed KYC\AML procedures, regulators’ attitude to cryptocurrency transactions, crypto derivatives, margin trading, and security token licensing issues.

The panel was moderated by Dushan Spalevich (iBlock.Capital)


  1. Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly
  2. Anton Dalli, Founder of Blockchain Advisory Malta
  3. Marie Tatibouet, CMO at
  4. Nataly Simson, Asia region business development representative, Coinsbit
  5. Teana Baker-Taylor, Global Digital Finance
  6. George Zarya – CEO, BEQUANT exchange & prime brokerage

Panel 3:
“Security problems of the crypto market”

Both the security of crypto exchanges and the problems of individual cryptocurrencies, wallets, and additional software were discussed.

The discussion was moderated by Dmitriy Budorin, Co-Founder and CEO at Hacken.


  1. Kyrylo Chykhradze, Head of Product, Crystal Blockchain at Bitfury Group
  2. Yoshiaki Hiyoshi, COO at ABCC Exchange
  3. Chen Arad, COO of Solidus Labs