01.10 KuCoin hack case, answered by Dmitry Budorin, CEO of Hacken
KuCoin hack case, answered by Dmitry Budorin, CEO of Hacken

Dima, hi. Tell us about the KuCoin hack that happened on September 25, 2020. I guess you have analyzed it already and can tell us a little more.

The majority of exchanges continue to be black boxes. No one knows how privat...
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We are continuing our interview-challenge with the main crypto leaders, asking the most important questions. Read our first part here >>> .

Stay tuned and be healthy!


Lennix Lai - Direct...
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31.03 Crypto market facing coronavirus challenges: business model evolution
Crypto market facing coronavirus challenges: business model evolution
We are living through strange and challenging times, facing circumstances we have never experienced. While some people and businesses will emerge from the crisis stronger, others will have to die and be reborn. We decided to ask exchanges from dif...
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02.03 Keep calm and visit The Conference.Exchanges
The event is drawing closer. This Thursday, March 5th, in Amsterdam we will meet our guests for the first-ever crypto trading conference. 

We understand global concern about the Coronavirus, and thus will do everything we can to ma...
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27.01 The Conference Exchanges and TabTrader will hold a trader contest together
On March 6, 2020, TabTrader with the support of The Conference Exchanges will hold a Trading Competition. Every trader and representative of the crypto community, regardless of the level of training and the amount of knowledge, can take part in th...
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06.01 The Conference.Exchanges: we need to solve crypto market problems together
The blockchain industry in general and cryptocurrency exchanges, in particular, have to deal with a number of issues that hinder crypto development. Fake trading volumes, security problems, uncertain regulators' policies and so on. All these probl...
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11.12 Establishing crypto market trading rules is the main idea behind The Conference.Exchanges
Establishing crypto market trading rules is the main idea behind The Conference.Exchanges
Social media, forums and other internet media are full of discussions on the challenges cryptocurrencies have to face these days. Therefore, it is quite natural that the time has come for the event where representatives of leading crypto exchanges...
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22.11 Singapore has become the "think tank" of the crypto world
Singapore has become the
One of the most important events for cryptocurrency traders and exchanges – The Meetup Exchanges – took place in Singapore on November 14. The event was held as part of the Singapore Fintech Festival + Blockshow Asia. 

It was t...
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15.10 Singapore will host a one-day event with the main crypto exchange players
“It’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong.” The phrase so beloved by Wall Street brokers can be applied in our case to Singapore, where many of Asia’s most innovative fintech and crypto solutions emanate these days. The forthcoming events of Nov...
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19.09 The Meetup Exchanges is coming to Singapore in November 2019
The coming November offers the astonishing variety of blockchain & crypto events with the central meeting point in Singapore hosting several major conferences during the 2nd week of the month.
We are honoured to take part in this whole ...
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22.08 The first crypto exchange conference will take place in Amsterdam, March 5-6, 2020
Cryptocurrency world without the exchanges? Today we can hardly imagine that. They are at the forefront of the crypto market. However, while gaining so much attention and profit from the new audiences, tokens & IEO projects, exchanges still co...
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