Establishing crypto market trading rules is the main idea behind The Conference.Exchanges
Establishing crypto market trading rules is the main idea behind The Conference.Exchanges

Social media, forums and other internet media are full of discussions on the challenges cryptocurrencies have to face these days. Therefore, it is quite natural that the time has come for the event where representatives of leading crypto exchanges will be able to meet and discuss pressing issues that concern the community. 

After all, can cryptocurrency world function without exchanges? We can hardly imagine that. They are at the forefront of the market. However, while gaining so much attention and profit from the new audiences, tokens  & IEO projects, exchanges still do suffer from a lot of issues.

Being mostly centralized, they don’t really fit the idea of the decentralized ecosystem we all have been dreaming about. Exchanges have to worry about fake Google ads, managing their reputation, hacks, regulations, marketing, maintaining their entire back end, and so on.

Another issue is faked or artificial volumes. One can say that’s even the most important issue Lack of transparency leaves dozens of newly born exchanges behind the scene preventing them from gaining the audience’s attention. Faked volumes hurt all the sides including tokens issuers, market cap websites as well as investors, of course. 

A lot of other problems hampering exchanges demand a thorough investigation & proper solution as well. Among them are scalability limitations, technological capabilities, security issues, decreasing liquidity, security frauds, high trading fees, customer support challenges, regulation & legal issues.

On the other hand, exchanges offer an astonishing variety of opportunities – they serve a vast market for the tokenized assets and securities as well as being an essential part of tokens’ ecosystem. 

Therefore, exchanges deserve their own specialized conference and here it is: The Conference. Exchanges. It will take place in Amsterdam, 5th of March 2020. This is not a yet another blockchain conference with vague unstated topics. It’s a dedicated one-day conference for effective business networking with leading crypto exchanges, market makers, liquidity and solution providers, fintech regulators & traders. Only the most pressing problems of exchanges and the ways to solve them will be discussed, as well as the most important crypto sphere development directions:

  • Current market problems and ways to solve them
  • Profitability – new ways to achieve it
  • Liquidity: real opportunities for exchanges to increase it
  • New markets for project listings and exchange selection criteria
  • Licensing in external jurisdictions: opportunities and limitations
  • Security issues
  • DEX vs CEX and other.

And The Conference. Exchanges is not the first such event. The Meetup Exchanges took place in Singapore on November 14, 2019. Lots of experts, crypto exchange representatives, traders, investors, regulators and other market participants worked together to make cryptomarket trading rules clear and fair and figure out solutions for the most important issues of the crypto world. This productive work will continue in Amsterdam. The registration is already open.

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