Providing real-world off-chain data with no middlemen!
Providing real-world off-chain data with no middlemen!

We would like to present The Acria Network, The.Silver sponsor of upcoming The Conference.Exchanges.  

The Acria Network is the decentralized, trustless oracle network that utilizes cross-chain technology.

Most DeFi projects are impaired by a lack of real-world data on-chain. The Acria Network takes various measures to ensure that every project is able to implement that data, no matter which blockchain it is.

For example, the existing solutions offered to provide blockchains with real-world data heavily rely on oracles that function as middlemen. These only supply real-world data that is available via various APIs.

An important advantage of Acria Network compared to common solutions is the complete lack of middlemen. This in turn increases the quality and trustworthiness of the data provided.

Wanna learn more about the exclusive solutions provided by Acria Network? 

Come meet them online at The Conference.Exchanges DeFi Edition! 

Book the date, March 5, 2021, and join us for free!

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