The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX: HOW IT WAS
The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX: HOW IT WAS

The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX was successfully held in Amsterdam on the 21st of April. It was a big project for the tiny but mighty AroundB team and we pulled it off!

More than 200 attendees, 30 speakers, 3 panel discussions, 20 keynote speeches including open mic sessions (!) – The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX became one of the largest and well-attended events throughout Ethereum Dev Connect week.

We were truly fascinated by how smart, well-prepared & DEX-knowledgeable the audience was! The agenda that we had thoroughly developed was packed with hot topics dedicated to decentralized finance. 

Anton Bukov from 1inch was talking about the variety of sources for aggregation. Robert Paluba from 0X spoke on slippage impact on AMMs. Security and audit topics were covered by Connie Lam, CertiK as well as by participants of the “what the hack” panel from Harmony, Swaap.Finance & Quantstamp.

A very lively and deep panel discussion “What is mempool and why is it important for Dex traders” was inspired and conducted by Sergej Kunz, from 1inch, Eyal Markovich, BloXroute,  Bogdan Habic, Tenderly, Anatolii Padenko, Peanut, Julien Bouteloup, Stake Capital – Quant & moderated by Felix Leupold, CoW Protocol.

Another panel discussion that rocked the stage was about trading on DEX vs CEX: what’s the difference and What Are the Risks?

Among participants were Joshua Watts, dYdX Foundation, Andrew Gan, DeGate, Vadim Koleoshkin, Zerion, Sebastien Araoz, Nervos Network, Michael van de Poppe, Eight & moderated by Jasper Stolte, DefiPlaza.

Thank you the DEX’ers, we did it together! 

The Peanut Trade team is grateful to everyone who participated at The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX event. The goal of this conference was to unite people from institutional trading, liquidity managers and MEV devs to build the future of decentralized trading together!”

Alex Momot, CEO Peanut Trade

Our conference was the only one throughout the whole Ethereum Dev Connect week which was dedicated to DEXs. Our theme was unique. So was the location that we chose to host our event. The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX was held in a … church! The charming Vondelkerk is a beautiful former church  – the atmospheric heritage building is a unique venue in Amsterdam. The picturesque interiors of the venue brought a fairy-tale atmosphere & served well the main idea of the conference: In DEX we trust!

At 7pm when the conference was over & we had to leave the venue, the amazing DEX day continued at the afterparty made by AroundB in partnership with 1inch! 

This was an incredible night boat trip in Amsterdam with cool DJs on board as well as delicious food and cocktails for our dear guests!  The Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX became a great event organized by Ukrainians during the war, during the extremely challenging times for the nation and for the country of Ukraine. We stood strong and did our best to make the event successful. So it was. All the profit, 30,000 USD, we made from the event we’ve donated to the Palianytsia” fund arranged by crypto-enthusiast Dima Kovalchuk and his team. 

We thank all the participants of the Conference.Exchanges: How to DEX for their warm welcome, support and for making this special day so exciting & totally unforgettable! 

Check the event’s photos and find yourself HERE

See you soon at the next events by the AroundB team! 

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