The Conference.Exchanges – the pandemic cannot stop decentralization!
The Conference.Exchanges – the pandemic cannot stop decentralization!

The third instance of The Conference.Exchanges that took place on March, 5 were quite a bit different from our previous events in Singapore and Amsterdam. Due to a global pandemic, we had to hold the conference online. However, the quality of discussions and productiveness was not diminished.

First of all, we have to thank our amazing speakers for that. Representatives of the largest and most influential companies on the market: 1inch, Maker Foundation, Bitstamp, Kraken, CEX.IO, HACKEN, Bitcoin.com, Binance, and other companies presented outstanding reports and joined productive discussion panels.

Also, all of this wouldn’t be possible without sponsors: support provided by Bitstamp, Nash, Crypto.com Acria.Network and Itez ensured that The Conference.Exchanges took place regardless of the pandemic. Our team is immensely grateful for that.

You can check the full video from the conference here >>>

And The Conference.Exchanges’ agenda was extremely busy:

Section I:  “Crypto world in 2021 Plans & expectations”


  • “Accepting fiat for crypto business in a new way” – Xenia Soborova, Itez
  • “Bridging the gap between fiat and crypto” – Kellogg Fairbank, Nash
  • “Introduction to Crypto.com exchange” – Diana Pires, Crypto.com

Discussion Panel “Crypto world in 2021”

Moderator: Co-founder of M. Stable James Simpson

Participants: Maximilian Marenbach (Kraken), Chris Aruliah (Bitstamp), Kellogg Fairbank

(Nash), Quentin Issele (Okex), Teana Baker-Taylor (Crypto.com).

This panel provided the audience with a unique opportunity to learn about the future of the cryptomarket as seen by the industry leaders. Such discussions are extremely important for the industry as a whole – after all, the future of crypto is heavily influenced by decisions, made by companies that joined The Conference.Exchanges. 

Section II: “DeFi market 2021”


  • “DeFi is a new Fintech” – Vadim Koleoshkin, Zerion
  • “Bridging Blockchain and the Real World” – Dominik Ernst, Acria Network

Discussion Panel “DeFi market 2021”

Moderator: Guilherme Jovanovic, CBDO Indacoin

Participants: Eitan Katchka (B.Protocol), Deniz Omer (Kyber Network), 

Gustav Arentoft (Maker Foundation), Arjun Kalsy (Matic)

2020 was, without any doubt, the year of DeFi. The decentralized finance industry literally exploded and gained even more attention than the blockchain industry as a whole. But what will happen with DeFi in 2020? Representatives of the major DeFi companies tried to find an answer to this question.

Section III: DEX vs CEX


  • “Peer-to-Peer (P2P) activity analysis in centralized and decentralized exchanges” – Kyrylo Chykhradze, Crystal Blockchain.
  • “DEX Aggregation” – Anton Bukov, 1Inch.

Discussion Panel “Dex vs Cex”

Moderator: Tim Frost, YIELD App.

Participants: Alex Lebed (xSigma), Danish Chaudhry (Bitcoin.com Exchange), David Gogel

(DyDx), Sergej Kunz (1Inch).

Decentralized exchanges have come a long way in a year and offer much stronger competition to their centralized counterparts. Our speakers discussed the shift in volumes and users’ numbers and also tried to find solutions for the most pressing issues of current DEXes.

Section IV: Arbitrage & trading strategies


  • “bloXroute, a low-latency network for DeFi” – Eleni Steinman, bloXroute Labs

Discussion Panel “Arbitrage & trading strategies”

Moderator: Esfandiar B. Lagevardi

Participants: Eugene Loza (EXCAVO), Michael Van De Poppe, Eleni Steinman (bloXroute Labs)

The proliferation of the DeFi market and the rapid development of decentralized exchanges changed the crypto trading environment and created new challenges and opportunities for arbitrage trading. Our participants discussed these changes and tried to predict the consequences for the crypto trading community.

Section V: Security frauds


  • “Security aspects of institutional level DeFi investments” – Konstantin Anissimov, CEX.IO
  • “Cybersecurity ranking of TOP 100 cryptocurrency exchanges” – Dmitriy Budorin, Hacken

Discussion Panel “Security Frauds”

Moderator: Dmitriy Budorin, Hacken

Participants: Maria Stankevich (EXMO), Yvan Nasr (Omniscia.io), Konstantin Anissimov (CEX.IO)

New cryptorally caused a predictable increase in fraud attempts involving digital assets. Our participants discussed the most recent and the most imaginative cases of fraud in order to figure out solutions and answers to new challenges.

Section VI: Regulation & legal issues


  • “How DeFi is solving the stakeholder problem in finance” – Ajit Tripathy, AAVE
  • “The Law of DAOs” – Gordon Einstein, Cryptolaw Partners

The proliferation of DeFi made the issue with crypto regulations even more crucial to sort out. 

Overall, it was an extremely productive and useful event. More than 2000 people watched the conference online. In addition, the full recording is available for free on our Youtube channel.

We want to thank again our sponsors, speakers, moderators, and viewers for joining The Conference.Exchanges against all odds. You’ve proved that even the global pandemic can’t slow down the crypto industry development.

Aroundb team hopes that this year we will be able to return to our usual format of cool real-life crypto events. We are looking forward to an opportunity to meet all of you in person!


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