Section #1: Understanding The Crypto Market problems:  Liquidity is in Focus.


  • “Crypto Markets:  A State of Play for 2020” – Binance, Josh Goodbody
  • “New revenue opportunities for crypto exchanges” – Shapeshift, Linda Wang
  • “Dynamics of high volume digital assets: is Bitcoin as mature as perceived?” – Keyrock, Juan David Mendieta
  • “Crypto Security: Institutions on the horizon” – Huobi Global, Chern Chung

Discussion panel moderator: Mik Mironov.

Participants: Calvin Cheng, Phil Glover, Nathan Pearson-Smith, Benjamin Zennou.

Section #2: Regulation & Legal issues


  • “Crypto Travel Rule” – Crystal, Kyrylo Chykhradze
  • “Regulations in Switzerland” – Crypto Broker AG, Magdalena Boškić
  • “Crypto trading regulation: Exploring the latest global developments and potential future Legal Counsel in Finance” – Law & Technology, Rieke Smakman

Discussion panel moderator: Rayan Goutay, Managing Partner at & Head of Compliance at Direct Trading Technologies UK

Participants: Chern Chung, Magdalena Boškić, Rieke Smakman, Nele Wollert

Section #3: Security is in focus


  • “Cybersecurity ranking of top 250 cryptocurrency exchanges presentation. Where is safe to trade?” – Hacken, Dmitry Budorin.
  • “Fraud-fighting and customer support challenges” – EXMO, Maria Stankevich

Discussion panel moderator: Dmitry Budorin, Co-founder and CEO at Hacken

Participants: Guilherme Jovanović, Maria Stankevich, Andy Bryant.

Bonus section: Future of crypto trading


  • “Trading Made Simple with Changelly” – Changelly, Eric Benz
  • “Kick Ecosystem B2B Solution: How to we got 700,000 users for a crypto exchange with 95% viral rate with a referral program from scratch” – Alexander Gnatusin, CEO atKick Ecosystem

Discussion panel moderator: Valentino Cremona, CEO at AMDAX

Participants: Michael van de Poppe, Diana Pires, Poramin Insom, Misha Alefirenko, Alexander Gnatusin.